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Virtual Office Setup in Dubai

We provide the services of a Virtual office setup in Dubai , and the UAE. Any investor knows that the office setup is one of the mandates required to run the business in the UAE, so it is clear that it needs time, money and maintenance.

So the virtual office is an option for the investor to save money, time and energy and to become eligible for opening a company in UAE. If an office exists, there must be an address, and so is the virtual office. The virtual address is approved by the Dubai Municipality, where DED issues an instant license in conjunction with the Dubai Municipality. Dubai Municipality allocates the door number to the business on the basis of which the investor gets the business license.

Virtual office setup in Dubai | MarkAI Corporate Services

The option of the Virtual office setup in Dubai provides the investors with meeting rooms, reception and call transfer. It means that as one avails the real amenities associated with the real office to perform business activities, so is with the virtual office where amenities are virtual. MarkAI Corporate Services, the best business setup consultant Dubai owns, helps to set up your virtual office in the UAE in case you, as an investor, want to run the business without the physical office or warehouse.

EJARI System

This system is governed by RERA for rental and lease to ensure that the agreements are as per the standards of UAE Law. The unified tenancy contract should be registered with EJARI because this allows transparency between tenants and landlords. Still, in case of any dispute, the legal body takes a look into this unified registered contract.

EJARI is the first and foremost of the documents required for water and electricity connections from DEWA and family visa application EJARI is required etc. So it can be concluded that EJARI registration is instrumental in setting up the virtual office in the UAE. To proceed with the EJARI system, you need to know have the documents required for it, which include:

Land Lord’s passport copy

Title deeds or Oqood Copy

Tenant’s UAE Visa

Tenant’s Passport and Emirates ID

Tenancy Contract signed by both parties

DEWA or Premises number

Business license documents

If you require any assistance related to the understanding of EJARI System, its procedure, documentation, registration and more, you can reach out any time to MarkAI Corporate Services, the most revered and best business setup company in UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual office is a service that provides businesses with a professional address, telephone answering services, mail handling, and other administrative support without the need for a physical office space. Setting up a virtual office in Dubai offers benefits such as cost savings, enhanced professional image, flexibility, and access to business support services. It is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses looking for a prestigious presence in Dubai without the need for a physical office.

MarkAI Corporate Services offers comprehensive virtual office setup services in Dubai. We provide professional addresses in prestigious locations, mail handling and forwarding services, telephone answering services, and access to meeting rooms and business support facilities. Our experienced team will guide you through the setup process and ensure that your virtual office meets your business requirements.

Setting up a virtual office in Dubai offers several benefits, including:

Cost savings: Virtual offices are a cost-effective alternative to traditional office spaces, eliminating the need for long-term leases, utility bills, and maintenance costs.

Professional image: A virtual office provides a prestigious address in a prime location, enhancing your business's credibility and professional image.

Flexibility: Virtual offices offer flexibility in terms of location and working arrangements, allowing you to work remotely while maintaining a professional business address.

Business support services: Virtual office providers often offer additional services such as mail handling, call answering, and access to meeting rooms and coworking spaces, providing essential support for your business operations.

Yes, in Dubai, it is possible to use a virtual office address for company registration and licensing purposes. However, the feasibility depends on the specific requirements of the licensing authority and the type of business activity. It is advisable to consult with our experts at MarkAI Corporate Services to understand the regulations and ensure compliance with the relevant authorities.

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