Why set up your
Business in the UAE?

The UAE offers a business-friendly ecosystem, advanced infrastructure, economic stability and huge tax benefits that can drive your business to success.

100% Ownership

Get full ownership of an onshore company, which allows 100% repatriation of capital and profits.

No Taxation

There is an exemption from any type of tax, which allows you to keep all the profits without any deduction.

Bank Account

Open and manage your bank account easily with a well-organised and secure banking system.

Our Services

Beyond Business
Set Up

From starting your business to ensuring it’s built to last, MarkAI offers everything your company needs to be successful. Explore our range of services.

About Us

Who we are

Mark Ai Commercial Services (MCS) is a firm that specialises in setting up businesses in the UAE and providing every commercial assistance a company requires to expand their reach and distribute their products. The company holds the experience of more than 20 years and expertise to establish businesses in the UAE. We are widely appreciated to help them get favourable business conditions and swift returns.

Our Mission

Our core objective is to provide expert business knowledge and extensive financial services to organizations and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Our Vision

We aim to establish a one-stop service platform to assist businesses from their setup to expansions without hassle.

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Request A Free Consulting


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