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Free Zone Company Setup in Dubai

Every investor dreams of setting up a tax-free business in the UAE. The best way to establish a business is by using the help of a business consultant in the UAE with ample experience and strong connections within the industrial framework, such as MarkAI Corporate Services, the best business setup company in UAE. The UAE has nearly forty Free Zones, and though all of them have different features, most of the benefits are the same.

Free Zone Company Setup Dubai | MarkAI Corporate Services

Some of the main and common features are:

  • Zero tax
  • Hundred percent ownership
  • Repatriation of the capital

In 1987, Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority came into existence, and after its success, many more free zones across UAE emerged following the same footprints that made it successful. The Free Zones, though mainly known for setting up a usual business like IT solutions, Finance and Management consultancy etc., are also home to other businesses like commodities trading companies. The choice made by investors when considering a business setup in UAE Free Zones is not according to what or where the free zone is, but based on the perks and waivers the Free Zones offer that would eventually suit the requirements of investors.

Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai

IFree zone company setup has become very popular amongst investors as it provides hassle-free access to various resources, huge tax benefits, and much more. In the Free Zones of Dubai, 100% foreign ownership is now allowed, making them a big hit amongst investors and their number one choice when considering a business setup in Dubai Free Zone.

The idea of a "Free Zone" has been established internationally as a model to develop and promote business in many countries, tempting potential investors to invest in the UAE market. UAE Free Zones are attractive jurisdictions for investors as it offers 100% foreign ownership, Zero tax and customs privileges to their owners, which makes them the most favorable location in the Middle East for international operations. Thus, a Free Zone Company Setup Dubai offers is listed as one of the most appealing prospects for many investors looking to establish a business in the UAE to go for a Free Zone Company.

How to get your business set up in a Free Zone?

To get your business set up in the UAE free zones, you need to follow the below-given steps:

  • Select A Freezone - Choose a free zone that best suits your business needs. Since every free zone has its own set of benefits and requirements, it's important to research and compare them before making a decision.
  • Provide Documents To Authority - Submit a business plan and supporting documents to the free zone authority, which may include a company profile, financial statements, and proof of capital investment.
  • Wait For Approval - Obtain approval for your business plan from the free zone authority to get your free zone company set up in Dubai or any other city.
  • Make Payment Of Fee - Pay the required fees for setting up your business in the free zone, including the cost of obtaining a license and any other applicable fees.
  • Get A License - Once your application has been approved and the necessary fees have been paid, you will receive your free zone license and can start operating your business.

Note: that the specific requirements and process may vary depending on the free zone you choose and the type of business you are setting up. However, it is advisable to seek assistance from a professional business setup consultant Dubai has to offer to ensure that you follow the right process.

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