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UAE Visa Services

UAE Visa Services

After the wave of pandemic Dubai is preparing for the Expo 2020 which means a lot of foot fall is going to take place in the year 2021. There are many requirements in the market related to the dependant visa, partnership visa, maid visa and tourist visa etc.

To apply for the family or dependent visa there are government rules to which one has to adhere with and these rules are in terms of salary of the applicant, so further it can be concluded that the visa services in UAE that are offered by the MarkAI are within the accords of the government of UAE.

The UAE Visa Services that MarkAI provides are

UAE Visa Services

Residential Visa

Dependent’s residential visas are the visas for the family of investors or employees who wanted to live together with their loved ones in UAE.

Employment Visa

Employment Visa is provided by the UAE government depending upon the requirement and scope of work that the firm has.

Transit Visa

Transit Visa is for visitors who got the job in UAE and they have to change the visa by crossing the company’s borders for 24 hours.

Medical Visa

Patient or patient’s company entry permit

Student Visa

Student’s Visa for the foreign nationals who want to stay and study in UAE

E Visa

eVisa for the GCC nationals

Business Visa

This Visa entry has permission to stay in Dubai for more days in compare to tourist visa.

Tourist Visa

This Visa allows a short trip almost for a month.