What is a Virtual Office Setup and how can it benefit your business

What is a Virtual Office Setup and how can it benefit your business

What is a Virtual Office Setup and how can it benefit your business

The pandemic brought about monumental changes in every aspect of our lives, and one of the biggest noticeable changes was how our workplaces shifted from a traditional in-person setup to a virtual office environment. 

Although initially these changes were forced due to the nature of the pandemic and how isolation was a requisite to ensure safety and well-being of employees, slowly companies found out benefits of Virtual Office Setups.

A Virtual Office setup refers to a type of office arrangement where employees work remotely and communicate primarily through digital means. In a Virtual Office setup, employees do not have a physical workspace and instead work from home, coffee shops, or other remote locations. The Virtual Office provides a mailing address and telephone number for the company, but does not have a physical office space for employees to work from.

There are multiple benefits of a Virtual Office setup which include the following-


Due to the physical presence constraints, Virtual Office setups have provided the option or flexibility to employees like never before. It enables employees to work from any location, reducing the need for a traditional office space. A large number of organizations started the flexible work plan during the pandemic years, but most have continued the policy as a way to attract top talent into their company.

Cost Savings 

Biggest overhead or operating expense for any company is the cost of buying an office space or the rent needed to keep it running. Virtual Office setups have eliminated the need for physical office space, reducing rent and utility costs. Post-pandemic, many organizations in the IT field have taken the prudent route by avoiding massive layoffs by reducing other expenses like renting a large office space and only calling a partial amount of staff to work at their office.

Increased productivity 

In big cities, often employees face the challenge of traveling long distances to and from work on a daily basis that causes physical and mental fatigue. In a Virtual Office setup, employees can save time on travel and use that in other productive work or maintain a more balanced personal life. It also allows employees to avoid the distractions of a traditional office and create a more focused work environment. 

Virtual Office Setup solutions from MarkAi Corporate Services

MarkAi Corporate Services leads the space of providing Virtual Office Setups in Dubai. The setup includes services like meeting rooms, reception and call transfer for organizations and investors. 

Virtual Office Setup is one of the mandatory conditions to establish a new business in the UAE. The virtual address is approved by the Dubai Municipality, where DED issues an instant license in conjunction with the Dubai Municipality. Dubai Municipality allocates the door number to the business on the basis of which the investor gets the business license.